Free Parking & Valet Parking Privilege

(From 31 July 2023, free parking privilege only for The Point Member)
Parking Offers Date Minimum e-Payment Spending1 The Point Bonus Point1(Applicable to phase 2-3 carparks) Hours of Free Parking2
Hourly Parking3 Mon to Fri
(except public holiday)
HK$3004 2,0006 1 hour
HK$5005 4,0006 2 hours
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday HK$5004 2,0006 1 hour
HK$1,0005 4,0006 2 hours
Valet Parking3 Everyday HK$1,5004 --- 1 hour
HK$3,0005 --- 2 hours
Redemption Method Redemption Time (Ingress Time)
  1. Harbour North Customer Care Centre (by same-day e-payment receipt)
10am – 10pm
  1. The Point App (by The Point Bonus Point)
7:30am – 11pm
1Terms & Conditions apply, for details, please click here.
2Maximum 6 hours
3Free hourly parking privilege is applicable to private cars at Harbour North Phase 1-3 carparks while valet parking service is only applicable to private cars at Harbour North Phase 1 carpark
4Single same-day machine-printed receipt (from any Harbour North Phase 1-3 tenant)
5Maximum 2 same-day machine-printed receipts (from any Harbour North Phase 1-3 tenant)
6Free parking redemption by The Point bonus point and Contactless Parking are only applicable to private cars at Harbour North Phase 2-3 carparks (Zone A and B)

Free Parking & Valet Parking Service

Valet Parking Service Hours Valet Parking Rate
Location of Valet Parking
Valet Parking Enquiry Hotline
07:30 – 23:59 daily HK$80 per hour (Cash only) – Weekdays, Weekends & Public Holiday) 1 North Point Estate Lane, North Point, Hong Kong (Carpark Entrance of Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong) 2805 6605

Simply drive up to valet parking zone located at G/F of Harbour North while you shop. Parking staff will be at your service


Standard Parking Rate*

Mon to Fri:HK$33 / hour
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays:HK$38 / hour

*The Rate is for reference only